Karvan Coffee Eggspresso

Karvan Coffee Eggspresso

Karvan Coffee Eggspresso

“I’ll have what she’s having” is an orgasmic reference from the movie When Harry met Sally and in the last 24 hours everyone has wanted one. Over 1 million Instagram and Facebook users have found their happy place this Easter from an idea that started as a staff afternoon pick me up.

We are a family run roastery and were having a few laughs and an Easter treat and thought that we would share it with our few loyal Instagram followers. When UrbanListPerth regrammed our video with “This might be the best thing we’ve ever seen” Lori and I were jumping up and down in the office and I think we were in shock because all we could say was omg. Urbanspoon and UrbanListPerth have both had record views on their Instagram pages which is incredible.

An average Karvan Coffee instagram post may get 50 likes if we are lucky so you can imagine our excitement when Agent Mystery Case regrammed it and shared it to her Facebook page and in no time had thousands of views and comments. The Eggspresso had gone viral.

– Fleur xx

To witness the Karvan Coffee Eggspresso check out Karvan Coffee on Instagram or watch our video below.

To recreate the Karvan Coffee Eggspresso:

  1. Choose your egg. Use your imagination, there are lots of special egg varieties around at this time of year. We used Cadbury Marvellous Creations Popping Candy and Beanies.
  1. Cut the top off with a hot, wet knife. Be gentle and let the heat do most of the work. If the egg is broken the coffee will fall out.
  1. Get an espresso cup that fits your egg comfortably.
  1. Using your espresso machine extract a double shot of Karvan Blend #4 straight into the eggs. Baristas and coffee snobs feel free to use the following brew ratio: 20g/40g/30secs/9 tds
  1. Enjoy as is with a spoon or topped with steamed milk.

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