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Service and Maintenance

Just as you service your car to keep it running smoothly,

so too your Wega Coffee Machine.

Preventative Maintenance

Your Wega Coffee Machine is an essential part of your home, office or business and if it breaks down you soon know about it!

Obviously, there are always exceptions and having been in hospitality ourselves we are aware that our response time to repairs needs to be fast, and it is! At Leaf Bean Machine we have our own in house service technicians and we pride ourselves on our preventative maintenance program which takes the guess work out of when your Wega Coffee Machine is due for servicing. This program is so successful that breakdowns are reduced and that helps keep everyone happy.

If you’d like to know more about our maintenance and repair services, please contact us on 08 9418 4877.  You can also use the contact button at right to email us right now.

Cleaning Guide

Machine cleanliness and maintenance are PARAMOUNT as we are dealing with a food product.

You wouldn’t cook your dinner in a dirty pan so you don’t want to prepare your cuppa in a dirty machine and on the mornings that for some reason your machine doesn’t work we know you will be hyperventilating!

Our comprehensive cleaning guide and other information regarding Wega Coffee Machines will prove invaluable.