Barista Training

Types of training

This one-day course teaches the fundamentals of preparing espresso coffee and the associated milk based drinks.

The course focuses on the skills required to make great coffee, either at home or in a hospitality environment.

Participants will learn:

  • How to operate a coffee machine (barista technique)
  • Espresso recipe and the factors that affect espresso flavour
  • How, why and when to adjust a coffee grinder
  • The defining characters of each drink on the cafe menu
  • Steam milk and pour basic milk drinks
  • ‘Split’ milk to consistently pour neat foam
  • Thoroughly clean the espresso machine and grinder

Participants will each get an electronic booklet with background information prior to the course.


This course is held in our custom-built training room at our roasting warehouse in Bibra Lake, 10 minutes from

How much:

$160 per person

Following on from Barista Basics course, our two hour latte art class will build upon your existing coffee preparation skills, teach you the art of milk texturing and take your latte art to the next level.

Participants will learn:

  • Consistent milk texturing technique
  • How to achieve perfect micro-foam every time
  • Three basic Latte Art designs: heart, rosetta and tulip
  • Master pouring techniques that achieve the correct amount of foam in each cup and finish them with a beautiful design

Recommended experience:

We recommend that students have previously completed our Barista Basics course prior to attending our Latte Art course.


This course is held in our custom-built training room at our roasting warehouse in Bibra Lake, 10 minutes from Fremantle.

How much:

$120 per person

Improve your filter brewing technique and explore new brewing methods in our filter brewing class designed for home coffee enthusiasts.

The course covers brewing with:

  • Clever Dripper
  • Aeropress

You’ll also explore :

  • How different brew ratios affect your coffee.
  • Concepts of over- and under-extraction, and how to identify both.

Community Cupping is about helping coffee professionals come together to share information.

I want to work together to increase our knowledge – bringing a whole bunch of people with mutual passion and similar situations together to have a good time.

As you know, cupping is the industry standard method of ‘tasting’ coffee. Of course, you can taste coffee when it’s brewed as espresso, filter, cold brews and the rest but to be truly objective the coffee needs to be cupped alongside some other coffees. They like being together, and even experienced cuppers find it challenging if not pointless to cup coffees without having others alongside it – I think we can only really understand what we’re tasting when it’s contextualised, and it’s much easier to compare and contrast.

I don’t know any coffee professionals that have time to taste all the coffee they’d like to try – I want this to change.

I want everyone to know what their coffee tastes like, and what everyone else’s coffee tastes like.

This brings us to community cupping – a monthly session where everyone brings a coffee and we line them up.

It’s not a commercial event and it’s not about winning or losing or who has the best coffee – we must be open minded.

Having such a big range of coffees will be super interesting and I don’t know of any other ‘open’ cuppings like this.

It’ll be a great networking opportunity and we all stand to gain a lot if we work together on this.

See you there!
The Karvan Coffee team

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