Basic Tea Preparation

A guide to making tea that tastes as it should.

The Perfect Cup

Different cultures brew tea differently but the western style rule of thumb is one teaspoon per cup of filtered water warmed just under boiling.  Recommended infusion times differ for each type of tea. At the end of of the day, the way you enjoy your tea is a very personal matter and it is up to you and your tastebuds to decide what suits best – but here are some preparation tips to start you on your way to the perfect cup.

The basics

  • Use one cup of filtered water per person or cup
  • Allow room for the leaves to unfurl as they steep
  • Preheat your cup or teapot or at least make sure it is not cold.
  • A level teaspoon per cup is a good starting point for quantities (adjust to taste)
  • Add more tea for a stronger cup rather than over steeping
  • Green or white teas may require 2 teaspoons

Pure Tea Infusion guide