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Coffee Preparation

How to prepare your coffee for the best bit – drinking.

Extracting the flavour compounds from the coffee beans.

Preparing your coffee for drinking is actually a process of extracting the flavour compounds from the coffee beans by mixing ground beans with water.

Step one in your coffee preparation is grinding your chosen coffee beans.  Various levels of grind, from extra course to extra fine, are required for different methods.  In most cases, the best flavour and aroma will be achieved by grinding the coffee beans immediately before serving.

Brewing your coffee

Step two in your coffee prepartion is brewing, which is adding the ground beans to water.  You can brew your coffee in a variety of different ways, all of which rely on four core methods: Boiling, Infusion, Gravity fed and Pressurisation.   Each method creates a beverage with different flavour characteristics, and requires different grinds of coffee to produce the best tasting beverages.

The four main brewing methods are


Water is boiled and coffee is added, or coffee is added to cold water and brought to the boil. This is the simplest and probably earliest method of brewing coffee.

Turkish coffee is an example of this style of preparation.


Ground coffee and water are mixed and left to steep. The grounds are separated from the liquid and the coffee can be poured, leaving the grounds behind.

A French press (plunger) is a common immersion style brewer. Read more in our brewing guide.

Gravity Fed

Also known as percolation, this method uses a filter, usually made of paper or metal, to contain the coffee. Water is poured onto the coffee and is drawn through by gravity. This method is used for drip filter machines and manual gravity fed methods. Read more in this brewing guide.


In this method, coffee is brewed by forcing pressurised water through the grounds.  Examples of this brewing style include the moka pot, and espresso machines.  Espresso is both the name of the process and the drink resulting from it.  Read more in our espresso brewing guide.

Espresso is the most popular brewing method in Australia but you can choose any coffee preparation method based on your personal preferences.

For different brewing tools, check out the bean paraphernalia in our shop and our range of WEGA Espresso Machines.

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