Taking a break from coffee

I hear you hyperventilating….Why would anyone want to take a break from coffee?! We are not advocating that you abstain from drinking our delicious Karvan Coffee nor that you begin drinking decaf (although ours is quite a standout). The title is simply referring to Brad, our roaster, taking a break. A well deserved break from being a specialty coffee roaster.

Brad is in love with four things – his family, coffee, cake and barra fishing. Anyone who has met Brad knows that he is one hundred miles per hour and simply loves getting things done. He loves his work and has been described as a workaholic, so last year when he was tempted by a friend to go on a once in a lifetime fishing trip to Dhipirri Barra and Sport Fishing Lodge in Arnhem Land I was thrilled that he jumped at the chance.

What Brad packed

Of course whilst he was happy to have a holiday from his family for a week he most certainly wasn’t going to drink bad coffee, because life is too short for that!

Two pairs of boardshorts, two tshirts, 15kg of fishing gear, a Moccamaster, barista tools, cold brew equipment and oodles of yummy single origins and he was packed and ready to go.

First stop in Darwin, The Laneway, for cake and coffee, where he said they had great atmosphere and a well made Campos coffee. An awesome breakfast the next morning at Allycats, who were also serving Campos, before he headed out to the Adelaide River to practise with his new reel before the rest of the fishing lads arrived. After a few hours of casting into a very flooded river he of course felt like another coffee as he is used to drinking and tasting at least 10 per day.

Conveniently next to the boat ramp was a café called the Jumping Croc (the Adelaide River is known for them) so he ventured in and ordered. Their coffee machine and grinder had only just been delivered and the lovely lady behind the counter had not been shown by her coffee supplier how to use it.

Well it was her lucky day! Brad explained that he was ‘taking a break from coffee’ but was very happy to make his own cup and teach her how to use the machine at the same time. Understandably she was thrilled.

Brad conducting a barista training session in NT

Following his barista lesson he met up with the other fishing gods at the airport and after a short trip in a twin engine they all landed in barra heaven. Five days of incredible catch and release fishing in large and small river systems with wildlife filled scenery, knowledgeable local guides and of course coffee. The boys were spoiled with delicious cold brew using our singles from Kenya, Tanzania and Brazil which they chilled in thermos’ and enjoyed out in the boats. In the morning their cooked breakfast was washed down with a few batch brews using the Moccamaster and on one of the nights they all had one or two espresso martinis.

Photos speak louder than words and whilst his scenery and fishing shots were beautiful we will not be giving him a job in marketing as you can see by the incredibly styled shot of our product which we asked him to take.

We were hoping to share with you that our coffee gadgets can go anywhere so that you too can enjoy yummy coffee on your holiday. Another time……

One could ask, did he have a break from coffee?

-Fleur Cassidy

Brad Cassidy - owner Leaf Bean Machine and Karvan Coffee roaster