Mother’s Day Traditions

I love family traditions!

Way before we began to wholesale coffee and tea for cafes and restaurants I had a love for tea. More specifically tea cups. Seventeen years ago I was blessed with a son and for my first Mother’s Day Brad bought me a Royal Albert tea cup. That morning I enjoyed breakfast in bed with my gorgeous tea cup filled with tea and a yearly tradition began.

Fleur Cassidy - Leaf Bean Machine

As Ethan got older, Brad would take him to the shop and he would choose a design. As you can see the colours have varied and my collection has grown. In 2016, I received a Royal Albert mug “just to mix it up” in Ethan’s words. What I love the most is the thought that goes into each selection and the outing that the two of them have together.

Mothers day mug - Leaf Bean Machine
The 'Mix-it-up-a-little- mug of 2016

I understand that Mother’s Day can be a sad day if your mum has passed away and I would love to suggest that you start your own tradition in honour of your Mum. Whether you pick out a new cup and saucer or visit a charity shop to pick out a preloved set, your collection will encourage you to stop, enjoy a cup of Pure Tea and remember the special times you had with your Mum.

– Fleur xx