• Mothers Day traditions - Leaf Bean Machine Mother’s Day Traditions

    I love family traditions! Way before we began to wholesale coffee and tea for cafes and restaurants I had a love for tea. More specifically tea cups. Seventeen years ago I was blessed with a son and for my first Mother's Day Brad bought me a Royal Albert tea cup. That morning I enjoyed breakfast in [...] Continue Reading
  • Brad Cassidy - CEO Sleepout WA Why Brad does the CEO Sleepout

    This year marks the 5th anniversary of Brad’s involvement in the CEO Sleepout on a personal level and Leaf Bean Machine as a sponsor so I have thought it made sense to ask Brad why he does the CEO Sleepout. His immediate response: “I love giving back to the community.” As a young boy growing [...] Continue Reading
  • Brad Cassidy - owner Leaf Bean Machine and Karvan Coffee roaster Taking a break from coffee

    I hear you hyperventilating….Why would anyone want to take a break from coffee?! We are not advocating that you abstain from drinking our delicious Karvan Coffee nor that you begin drinking decaf (although ours is quite a standout). The title is simply referring to Brad, our roaster, taking a break. A well deserved break from [...] Continue Reading
  • Why should you weigh your dose - Karvan Coffee Why you should weigh your coffee

    Specialty coffee demands more than standard coffee and so do your customers. What can you do to up the game? Simple – weigh your dose! Coffee is a natural product and there are a multitude of factors that are highly changeable in the espresso making process. Espresso recipe is the very best way to ensure [...] Continue Reading
  • BRAD AND FLEUR - OWNERS OF LEAF BEAN MACHINE How to survive running a small business with your partner

    Days before our 20th wedding anniversary I can’t help but reflect on the success of our partnership, both in small business and in love. I can’t count the number of times people have asked us ‘how on earth do you work together?’ Most people claim that they would kill their partner and despite that there [...] Continue Reading
  • The Garnished Co Mirror Glaze dessert Dessert Bar – The Garnished Co

    Karvan Coffee, delicate desserts and beautiful baked goods - oh and did we mention it's a dessert bar?! Like the sound of all of that? Then you're going to love The Garnished Co, one of our newest wholesale coffee customers to join the Karvan family. Combining her love of baking and background in graphic design, Tammi [...] Continue Reading
  • Valentine's Day Barista Training with Leaf Bean Machine Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

    Looking for the perfect Valentine's Day gift? You could go with the cliche of flowers and chocolates OR do things differently this year and get your Valentine something they will really love! Barista Training Class Forget the candlelight dinner. Throw out the chocolate* and flowers. Do something different this Valentine's Day and give the gift that [...] Continue Reading
  • Barista Training Perth with Leaf Bean Machine Coffee Consistency

    Follow our simple steps to maintain consistency in your coffee preparation during busy periods of service and ensure efficient workflow practices in your cafe. Know your recipe Ensure that you maintain it closely, especially during peak periods: weigh your dose, check the yield is correctly programmed on the machine daily and adjust your grinder to keep [...] Continue Reading
  • Homeless Connect Perth 2016 Karvan Coffee Homeless Connect Perth 2016

    Homeless Connect Perth is a one-day event where local businesses, community groups and service providers are brought together to assist those experiencing or at risk of homelessness. Run by Volunteering WA and the City of Perth, the event was established with the aim of providing homeless individuals with a path out of homelessness. Food, clothing, [...] Continue Reading
  • Karvan Coffee Nitro Cold Brew Bar at Margaret River Gourmet Escape 2016 Nitro Cold Brew at Gourmet Escape

    Margaret River Gourmet Escape  After months of planning and preparation, culminating in weekend amongst some of Australia's finest food and beverage producers, the Karvan Coffee team are tired but very happy with the results from the festival. The team launched an extra special product this year: Nitro Cold Brew. Our custom Nitro bar was built by Brad [...] Continue Reading