• Karvan Coffee Seasonal Blend 1 from Leaf Bean Machine Seasonal Blend 1

    We had a chat with Brad Cassidy, our roaster and co-owner of Leaf Bean Machine, to discuss the latest Seasonal Blend 1 and find out a little more about the bean to cup process. What is your green bean selection process? Over the last 10 years we have built strong relationships with our green bean [...] Continue Reading
  • Leaf Bean Machine - Karvan Coffee - Decaf Decaf: Processing, Benefits and Brewing

    Unfortunately, “Decaf” seems to be a dirty word in the coffee industry (“death before decaf”, anyone?) but the demand for good quality decaf is on the rise. When selected, processed, roasted and brewed properly, Decaf can match the quality we have all come to expect from our coffee. So many changes have taken place in [...] Continue Reading
  • The dangers of re-steaming milk The dangers of reheating milk

    It both surprises and saddens me to be writing this blog; it is unbelievable that in 2018 there are still cafes that are reheating milk for their coffee. Quite simply, it is bad practise to reheat your milk, and this blog will be focusing on two of the reasons why. The first reason is regarding [...] Continue Reading
  • What is espresso recipe? Karvan Coffee What is espresso recipe?

    What is espresso recipe? When baking muffins do you use a different amount of flour each time you make them? Or half a cup of milk this time and perhaps one cup the next? Would changing the recipe result in the same batch of delicious muffins each time? No? We didn’t think so. Espresso recipe [...] Continue Reading
  • WHY A CLEAN MACHINE IS IMPORTANT - BLOG - LEAF BEAN MACHINE 3 reasons your coffee tastes bitter

    There is nothing worse than expecting your cup of coffee to be a burst of good flavours only to end up with a mouthful of bitterness. Bitterness is usually seen as a negative within coffee but a low level of bitterness actually helps tame coffee acidity.  Coffee is known to have some bitterness due to [...] Continue Reading
  • Mothers Day traditions - Leaf Bean Machine Mother’s Day Traditions

    I love family traditions! Way before we began to wholesale coffee and tea for cafes and restaurants I had a love for tea. More specifically tea cups. Seventeen years ago I was blessed with a son and for my first Mother's Day Brad bought me a Royal Albert tea cup. That morning I enjoyed breakfast in [...] Continue Reading
  • Brad Cassidy - CEO Sleepout WA Why Brad does the CEO Sleepout

    This year marks the 5th anniversary of Brad’s involvement in the CEO Sleepout on a personal level and Leaf Bean Machine as a sponsor so I have thought it made sense to ask Brad why he does the CEO Sleepout. His immediate response: “I love giving back to the community.” As a young boy growing [...] Continue Reading
  • Brad Cassidy - owner Leaf Bean Machine and Karvan Coffee roaster Taking a break from coffee

    I hear you hyperventilating….Why would anyone want to take a break from coffee?! We are not advocating that you abstain from drinking our delicious Karvan Coffee nor that you begin drinking decaf (although ours is quite a standout). The title is simply referring to Brad, our roaster, taking a break. A well deserved break from [...] Continue Reading
  • Why should you weigh your dose - Karvan Coffee Why you should weigh your coffee

    Specialty coffee demands more than standard coffee and so do your customers. What can you do to up the game? Simple – weigh your dose! Coffee is a natural product and there are a multitude of factors that are highly changeable in the espresso making process. Espresso recipe is the very best way to ensure [...] Continue Reading
  • BRAD AND FLEUR - OWNERS OF LEAF BEAN MACHINE How to survive running a small business with your partner

    Days before our 20th wedding anniversary I can’t help but reflect on the success of our partnership, both in small business and in love. I can’t count the number of times people have asked us ‘how on earth do you work together?’ Most people claim that they would kill their partner and despite that there [...] Continue Reading